We are very proud of the traditions that have evolved in the hotel through out the last 100 years. We see it as our responsibility that the Ansgar stays the Ansgar no matter what the trend of time is. Follow the history below:

1898: The hotel is almost as old as Esbjerg. In 1875 Skolegade was merely two muddy wheel tracks between the church "Vor Frelser Kirke", a few small town houses and several building sites. 25 years later the street was a buzzing commercial street with two hotels, county gaol and a big post office. In 1898 the "missionary hotels" top modern rooms were ready for the travelling salesmen. And the restaurant - a cafe at the time - was ready for the new citizens of the town; a number that grew and grew rapidly.

1912-1948: In 1912 the wife of Carsten Jensen could call herself Mrs. Hotel manager Jespersen. Carsten Jespersen bought the missionary hotel, which his son Sand Jespersen took over in 1930. In 1941 the hotel had been redecorated in all its glory with telephones in 40 of the 60 rooms a.o. The newspaper wrote: "All considered the hotel bears the impress o f the domestic cosiness and calmness that has given it such a good reputation among everybody that has had the opportunity to visit Esbjerg."

1948-1975: The Rasmussen family, that had to leave their hotel in Fredericia at the end of the war, found the hotel in 1948 that was to be their life' s work. On Sundays the guests were standing in line outside in order to eat clear soup and roast pork - a Sunday dinner that stayed the same for many, many years. The fishermen and their families met up in the restaurant and the matron washed the stairs with paraffin water. Lifts were installed in the house for both guests and cars, the rooms had shower and toilet and the young men long hair and trompet trousers.

1975-2007: The second generation took over in 1975, when Poul and Kirsten Rasmussen got married and took over the missionary hotel. 31 years later Esbjerg - and the rest of the world - is unrecognizable. We look forward - along with the hotel guests - to writing the next chapter!